Syracuse Technology and Industrial Park

Syracuse, Indiana

This site, located outside the Town of Syracuse limits, falls within the jurisdiction of Elkhart County. JPR facilitated the complex interlocal agreements necessary for this multi-jurisdictional project, and provided all services needed to accomplish the required two-part zoning process – including an update to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

JPR also facilitated the creation of a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District that included the site as well as the adjacent industrial corridor. The Plan was adopted by the County’s Redevelopment Commission and included an interlocal agreement with the Town and Elkhart County that allows reimbursement over the life of the TIF.

The site for this development was complex and contained significant vertical relief, heavy soils, and isolated wetland areas. The detailed design for improvements, providing solutions for all challenges, was reviewed thoroughly and approved by many federal, state, and local agencies. The site was also bisected by a petroleum pipeline and a fiber optic trunkline. Off-site improvements included a water pressure booster station due to the site’s vertical relationship to the Town’s northern water tower.

Services provided include planning, surveying, detailed studies for utilities, a traffic impact study, zoning, design engineering, and representation at multiple meetings and public hearings. JPR also assisted with funding procurement and provided acquisition services for utility easements and roadway rights-of-way.

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