Riverfront Phase IIA

Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Riverfront Phase IIA project serves as a vital connection linking a modern park amenity on the west in Promenade Park with a historic park amenity on the east in Headwaters Park. The park provides a unique variety of experiences ranging from concrete walkways to natural boulder pathways through a bioswale, and seating plazas capitalize on the beautiful views of the St. Marys River. A traditional plaza with seating opportunities is provided adjacent to the mixed-use development, while an informal seating area is located within the heart of the park in the bioswale.

Serving as a major linkage between the two key parks, and as a part of the larger riverfront park development, the design team collaborated heavily with the City of Fort Wayne and stakeholders to develop a concept that strategically utilizes design themes to fuse the unique and intricate designs of the spaces around it.

Since the park space was vastly located within the floodplain of the St. Marys River, the design and grading of the site was intricately developed to balance cut/fill volumes while also utilizing sustainable strategies to capture and filter stormwater from adjacent properties with the park.

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