Bristol Municipal Complex

Bristol, Indiana

The Town of Bristol had historically held their town hall and police station functions inside of a former fire station building that had been subject to multiple building additions over the years. Because of this, the building was faced with major size and accessibility issues. The ground level included floor levels located at four different elevation heights. In addition, the Town faced an major shortage in surface parking spaces for events.

Jones Petrie Rafiniski was engaged by the Town with a goal to develop a cost-effective design that would allow for appropriate space, accessibility, and functionality for the building employees and general public. The existing building was partially demolished to make way for an 11,000 square foot addition and the remaining existing building space was renovated to help meet this goal and provide space for both the Town Hall and Police Department.

The new addition consolidated multiple functions to a single floor elevation and also included a new elevator to allow the building to be fully accessible through the shared common entry. An existing road was vacated to allow space on the site for additional parking. The final design included sally port, evidence room, and holding cell security improvements for the police station and a larger meeting space allowed for twice the capacity of the previous for town hall events.

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