Bristol Municipal Complex

Bristol, Indiana

The Town of Bristol hired JPR to design a new state-of-the-art town hall and police station. Historically, the Town held their functions inside a former fire station that had been subject to multiple building additions over the years. Because of this, the building was faced with major size and accessibility issues. The ground level, for instance, included floor levels at four different elevation heights. In addition, the Town faced a major shortage of surface parking spaces for events.

JPR was asked to develop a cost-effective design that would allow for appropriate space, accessibility, and functionality for the building employees and general public. JPR worked closely with Town and police personnel to devise a plan that included both an addition and remodel to the existing facility. This included the vacation of a street to make room for additional parking and site amenities.

The new facility is approximately 13,000 square feet, not including a partial basement, and houses areas for both the police station and town hall. The police station contains space for general operations, as well as evidence and police vehicle storage. The town hall section features space for public meetings, as well as areas for the Town Clerk, Town Manager, and public records.

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