Mishawaka City Hall

Mishawaka, Indiana

In 2021, JPR was hired to complete site design, utility design, landscape architecture, and planning services for the new Mishawaka City Hall.

The project included the design of Lincoln Way Plaza, which welcomes visitors and staff to the City Hall, along with a lower-level plaza and promenade walkway to welcome individuals to the police station. Both entrances used decorative concrete to accentuate the pathways, along with a planting design that highlights the path of pedestrian travel while also complimenting the newly renovated building.

A highly programmed lighting design was also provided to activate the site at night. The layout was configured utilizing a variety of elements that consisted of lighted bollards, as well as parking and pedestrian lighting.

During the project, grading became a significant design challenge because the site had a substantial grade change from Lincoln Way to First Street. Additionally, parking lots, plazas, and walkways had to maintain ADA compliance. To solve this, the site included a terraced boulder wall to assist in the grading design from the upper level to the lower level, and the connecting walkways and stair paths were strategically graded throughout the site.

The project also included the design of a police memorial plaza. This plaza included elements from the memorial that was located at the previous police headquarters and paired them with modern-day design themes to create an entirely new environment. Designed as a space to hold events, the plaza features aesthetically pleasing and functional lighting, creative landscaping, and a central monument with a unique light source that can send a beam of blue into the night sky.

Located downtown, the site design accents adjacent buildings and streetscapes, and provides places for people to gather and relax. The City Hall also serves as the focal point for holiday parades and community meetings.

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