State Route 13 / Toll Road Interchange

Elkhart County, Indiana

JPR began working on this project with a local manufacturer who needed to grow their business to accomodate product demand. The company planned for the addition of up to four new 100,000 sft buildings and 1,000 new employees. The industrial area, near the toll road interchange, had developed over time without municipal utilities. The area had been identified as a priority service area that would need sewer service within the next few years.

JPR recommended the area be designated as an economic development area and that a tax increment finance district be established to provide a funding resource for the project. As the TIF was formed, JPR brokered an interlocal agreement with White Pigeon, MI to provide treatment services for the area’s wastewater.

The project funding uses a public-private partnership with the private partner providing funding up front and being paid back over time from their own tax increment. The repayment plan also includes a benefit fee assessment that covers the entire TIF area.

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