St. Joseph Streetscape

South Bend, Indiana

The City of South Bend Board of Public Works commissioned JPR to assist them in the development of streetscape improvements for a connection to a new retail development. This project involved several stakeholders, including the City of South Bend, Menard’s, Holiday Inn Express, and Gurley Leep Automotive Group. Central to this project was the need to improve pedestrian connections with the addition of sidewalks and crosswalks. Additional improvements included pedestrian lighting, street trees, lane reductions, new curb and gutter, and utility improvements – including hydrant relocation.

Due to the number of stakeholders and existing businesses, good communication was essential during both the design development phase and construction phase of the project. In addition, the maintenance of traffic plan ensured that adjacent businesses retained public access during construction. JPR also facilitated utility coordination with local service providers and coordinated with the retail developer to verify project limits and ensure roadway elevations matched.

This project successfully opened on time in April 2019.

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