Riverwalk Stadium

Montgomery, Alabama

JPR was asked to consult with the Montgomery Biscuits to help to improve their fan experience at Riverwalk Stadium in downtown Montgomery, Alabama.

While watching from the center field group picnic area, a feeling of separation from the rest of the stadium and the activities occurring on the field was felt. This feeling of separation was amplified due to the length of the concourse from the picnic area entrance extending out to the center field group picnic area.

JPR was able to solve the concerns in a simple and cost effective manner. Landscaping separating the picnic area from the field was removed and the concrete surface was extended to the outfield wall. Picnic tables now sit right on top of the outfield wall pulling the fans into the game experience. The concourse was re-routed to move the entrance to the area closer to the rest of the stadium, decreasing the walk and making the experience more enjoyable for the fans.

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