Northpointe Boulevard

Elkhart, Indiana

Jones Petire Rafinski (JPR) had teamed with an Indianapolis area land planner, the City of Elkhart’s Redevelopment Commission (RDC), the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the City’s Department of Public Works. Beginning in 2008, a detailed planning exercise resulted in the selection of the initiating project. JPR provided cost estimates, funding models, the partnering framework, construction sequence and timelines.

Sharing a signalized intersection with State Highway 19 and the Elkhart Toll Road Interchange, this project required careful design approach. Providing additional traffic capacity and improved safety, the project design also incorporated new lighting, landscaping, pedestrian features, and improved access to businesses. The services provided by JPR included public liaison, public meetings, traffic studies, survey, geotechnical engineering, design engineering, and right-of-way acquisition.

Final design began in 2010 and the project was constructed in two phases over two years and was completed in 2012.

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