Martin’s Super Markets, Inc. East Jackson St Store

Elkhart, Indiana

JPR provides pre-planning, architectural and engineering services for this prominent northern Indiana grocer. Operating 21 stores in two states, the company is always improving its brand through image updates, new stores and new markets.

Redevelopment of the Elkhart Jackson Street store is a priority for Martin’s due to the size, age and location of the facility.

As part of an under-performing and aged shopping center, redevelopment of the site and the store is especially problematic. The existing store will remain open during construction which will require relocation of multiple small businesses. Careful planning and a carefully managed partnership with the City is critical.

As a consultant to Martin’s, JPR will assist in multiple ways while providing an integral link between partners.Project features will include:

• A new 42,000 sqft supermarket

• New parking features and pedestrian linkages

• Thematic lighting

• Landscape improvements designed to integrate with streetscape concepts

• Acquisition of up to 5 properties

• Relocation of multiple small businesses including a national chain drug store, a full service restaurant and an ethnic foods store

• Abandonment of a City street

• Utility relocations

• New managed access features

• New corridor compliant signage

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