JPR South Bend Office

South Bend, Indiana

To accommodate a growing staff in JPR’s South Bend office, and to combine staff into one central location, we needed to look for a larger space. The proposed office space needed to provide resources for the full range of staff including architects, engineers, and surveyors. Finding a location within the Central Business District of downtown South Bend was especially important to maintain a strong presence and connection to the ongoing projects and relationships in the area.

JPR worked with the City of South Bend to acquire a property located across the intersection from Four Winds Field. The existing building was constructed in multiple sections over the course of time and had been used for a variety of services including a locksmith and a car dealership. As part of the adaptive reuse design, it was an important theme to expose the history of the building by removing added partitions, ceiling, floor materials and a large mezzanine to expose the original structure.

Utility infrastructure that was no longer needed was removed, and interior materials including painted brick walls and damaged terrazzo floors were restored to their former appearance. New openings were cut into the building to create a main entrance off the street, and additional windows were added to maximize the daylight and bring natural light into the space. Custom workstations provided open workspace along with common worktables. Sound masking systems and strategically located acoustical ceiling clouds were incorporated to control noise while still allowing for open collaboration within, and between, departments.

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