Elkhart Center for Hospice Care

Elkhart, Indiana

The site design for this project was to provide a setting for both patients and staff members that had residential qualities such as lawns, vegetation, and wildlife. An important aspect of the design was to minimize the visual impacts of parking lots and nearby neighbors - earthen mounds and screening were utilized to achieve this. Lush vegetation was strategically placed to allow patients to look out from their rooms and see nature, while blocking views to surrounding houses.

A therapeutic garden for patients, staff, and family members is located adjacent to the patients’ rooms. The garden consists of outdoor gathering areas, water fountains, walking paths throughout the site, and seating areas. The creation of an outdoor space that provides a personal place for stress release, contemplation, and reflection was paramount to achieve the goals of this project. Fundraising events assisted in the construction and placement of various elements within the gardens.

The development consists of a 12,000-square-foot facility with two separate wings, one for Hospice House (an inpatient unit) and the other for home care staff offices, volunteer training, and bereavement services.

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