Capital Avenue

Mishawaka, Indiana

In late 2010, JPR was engaged by the general contractor on this high profile transportation project to provide Construction Engineering and utility relocation inspection services. In addition, JPR staff also created a complete erosion control plan for the project, then sought and procured the permit. In fact, our staff utilized their extensive knowledge of erosion control related issues and policies to prepare, submit, and procure the needed permit while at the same time another phase of Capital Avenue that was nearing construction had not even completed their erosion control plan, even though work on it had begun about 3 months prior.

Capital Avenue is a vital north-south transportation link that lies generally in the eastern portion of St. Joseph County, Indiana and runs all the way from the Indiana Toll Road on the north to the US 20 on the south. This section of the project represented the final link in the US 20 terminus, and was thus dubbed the "Capital Connection" by the various folks involved in the project.

JPR staff provided keen field insight and helped solved nearly every problem that arose during our involvement with this project. Unlike other areas of Capital Avenue, this section was not simply a straight road, but rather a section where vertical relief was very evident, and several existing intersections had to be dealt with. JPR staff were a key member of the overall team that helped bring this project to a successful close.

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