Walkerton Redevelopment Master Plan

Walkerton, Indiana

JPR, in association with Sturtz Public Management, worked with the Town of Walkerton to develop the Downtown Redevelopment Master Plan.

The Master Plan provided the framework for creating a unique and solid foundation for downtown revitalization and growth. The major strengths and weaknesses of the Town were analyzed and considered as part of the overall Plan.

The characteristics of this Master Plan were developed through deliberate conversations between the residents of Walkerton, area stakeholders, and the Planning Committee. The planning process identified four key components that need to be addressed, including:

Who are we?

What do we want?

What can we do?

How can we do it?

The Plan proposed a set of principles and recommendations that will build on the cooperation and leadership developed within the planning process. Recommendations regarding policy, market, and social and cultural initiatives were included, as well as physical improvements such as streetscape and development opportunities. The implementation process identified recommended steps toward development, funding strategies, and phasing.

A market analysis was performed with a focus on retail and economic development. These findings were used by the planning team to inform the process and help develop recommendations and strategies.

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