Koontz Lake Administration Building

Walkerton, Indiana

The Koontz Lake Regional Sewer District (KLRSD) needed a space to hold meetings and other events. After collaborating with the local Lions Club, whose building was in poor condition, the two entities came to JPR to design a multi-purpose building that could be used for both KLRSD and Lions Club meetings and events. The project was under a modest budget due to limited funding available from the USDA, however, JPR worked to develop a solution that would meet both clients’ needs and establish a presence for the District.

The building program called for both indoor and covered outdoor gathering spaces that could be utilized by either client. The indoor space included a kitchenette, and the outdoor space provided a secured storage space. In addition, restrooms and a secured office were included in the design.

The proposed building was located on the site of the existing Lions Club structure. The new wood-framed design utilized cost-effective materials while still providing the building with a unique identity. Furthermore, secured entrances and additional lighting added an element of safety to both the building and surrounding property.

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