Crawdads Cafe

Hickory, North Carolina

As part of a major stadium renovation for the 2014 season, JPR aided the Hickory Crawdads, a minor league baseball team in North Carolina, with the renovation of their existing Crawdads Cafe picnic venue and bar. JPR developed a concept to improve the connection between fans inside the cafe with the seating area and game day action outside the cafe.

The design of a new overhead structure helped to define an outdoor seating area and provided much needed shade and shelter from the elements. In addition to the outdoor seating canopy, the existing building underwent a significant facelift that included an expansion of the kitchen to meet the needs of a larger venue, a new interior finish scheme, and the relocation of the bar to the outside wall – positioning it closer to the field. A series of wall openings were also incorporated with overhead doors, allowing the bar to open to the outside seating area. This provided patrons with a better connection to the action than the existing bar, which was confined to the interior.

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