Covered Bridge Farm

Centreville, Michigan

The barn at Covered Bridge Farm, originally built around the turn of the century, is located next to the iconic Langley Covered Bridge and St. Joseph River in Centreville, Michigan. The barn, along with a house and two additional barns, was purchased by the St. Joseph County Parks Department. JPR and the Parks Department designed a remodel of the main barn, while the two smaller barns were removed. The existing barn was lifted to allow for a new foundation to be built, and a new barn was constructed next door for restroom facilities. The main barn has a usable mezzanine, as well as a large front deck that overlooks the property. A boardwalk was also installed at the river’s edge with lookout points to both the river and the covered bridge. The remodeled barn is used for 4H classes, as well as weddings and other public events.

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