Auburn Streetscape

Auburn, Indiana

The proposed streetscape revitalization project for the City of Auburn is located in the heart of the downtown area. It includes 2-blocks of 6th Street, from Cedar to Jackson Streets and 2-blocks of Main Street from 7th to 5th Street. The focus of these improvements was to provide the community with pedestrian friendly streetscape environments, which in turn will increase public awareness and interest in adjoining businesses.

Street corridor improvements are proposed to include new sidewalk paving utilizing a combination of concrete and colorized pavers. The paving materials within the intersection of 6th and Main Street, including the pedestrian crosswalks, will be patterns similar that reflect the design of the sidewalks. New vintage style “pedestrian-scale” street lights will replace the existing “cobra-head” lights currently mounted on wooden utility poles. The new light poles will offer brackets for festival banners and electrical outlets for holiday decorations. Sign poles and sign frames will be of an ornamental design to fit the overall theme of the design. New benches, bike racks, and trash receptacles will be installed. Screened enclosures will be included for several trash dumpsters located along 6th Street. Curbed planter islands for street trees and decorative plantings will be installed. The street tree varieties were carefully selected and placed within the sidewalk-zone to allow for uninterrupted sightlines for motorists and visibility of store fronts.

JPR worked with the City of Auburn to create a streetscape design that was utilized to obtain a $500,000 grant from the Indiana Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) for streetscape projects.

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