LOCATION: Walkerton, Indiana
      BUDGET: $5.5 Million
      CLIENT CONTACT: Josh Rice
      PROJECT MANAGER: Chirag Patel, PE
      and Josh Weaver, PE

JPR began a study to accomplish two primary goals for the Town of Walkerton. The first was to determine if separation of the Town’s storm water and sanitary sewers was a cost effective solution for the long term management of storm flows. The second being the removal of cold weather ammonia-nitrogen from the lagoon’s based wastewater treatment facility. Working with the Town, IDEM and the University of Notre Dame, many options were explored. These included a partial separation plan and after much consideration, and processing of an Agreed Order with IDEM, complete treatment was selected. The Town’s project included construction of a new 0.400 MGD extended aeration wastewater treatment facility, storm event equalization facility, and upgrades to 10 lift stations. The Town’s new facility was placed in full time operation in January 2015. Since commissioning, the facility continues to perform with our standing results that allowed the Town to meet the Agreed Order Terms with IDEM.

JPR’s services included, but were not limited to, preliminary engineering report, upgrade/replacement feasibility study, survey, design, permitting, construction administration and inspection, and coordination with funding agencies. In general, the project features included, innovative project design to allow the new treatment plant to sit inside the former lagoon, equipment and telemetry upgrades to all lift stations, maintenance garage expansion, new control room, chemical room, UV disinfection system, headworks, and new plant tanks.



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