LOCATION: South Bend, Indiana
      BUDGET: $850,000
      CLIENT CONTACT: Andrew Berlin
      PROJECT MANAGER: David Rafinski

Jones Petrie Rafinski (JPR) was hired to design the adaptive re-use of the historic Jewish Synagogue just north of Four Winds Field. This unique historic landmark was transformed to serve as the team store for the South Bend Cubs minor league baseball team. It’s location and character allowed it to help shape the identity of the stadium.

The building was designed to provide access to the team store all year long. Access is allowed from both within the stadium during games and outside the park when games and other programs are not taking place.

Although the project scope included a total renovation, care was taken to preserve the historic character and identity of the building. The surrounding area was designed to enhance the stadium and team store while creating better pedestrian and vehicular circulation. Located adjacent to a major stadium gateway the building has become a major focal point. Pedestrian spaces and plazas have been developed to improve the overall aesthetics and flow within and adjacent to the ball park.