The firm has just completed the rebranding effort and is in the process of celebrating the change.

However, we think that some of our friends need a little more detail, so here are some Q&A for the most common questions.

Q: Who are Jones, Petrie and Rafinski?

A.The Jones is Ken Jones, Sr., founder, President and CEO. He is the firm's primary owner but shares that privilege    with Kenneth Jones, Jr., David Rafinski and a good number of employees as well.

  Kenneth Jones, Jr., is an Executive Vice President and manages all assets, staff and project assignments, and    administers operations at the Elkhart main office.

   David Rafinski is also an Executive Vice President and manages the firm's fiscal matters while overseeing the South     Bend branch office.

   'Petrie' is a remnant of RW Petrie, Inc., a prominent civil engineering firm, acquired by JPR in the late 80's. Sadly,     Ralph Petrie passed away years ago.

Q: What's next?

A. The firm continues to pursue new and exciting areas of practice and will be looking hard at new markets in the      next few years. We plan to further develop our northern Indiana and southern Michigan presence.

Q: What's expected in 2013?

A: We will be making exciting announcements relative to our sports facility planning and design practice as well our     regional franchise food service and retail design services.

   Expect to see more news from us in the development of new public utilities for small communities using ground     breaking partnerships and unique funding structures.

   Watch for news from JPR about strategic partnerships in the renewable energy design and construction industries     as well.