LOCATION: Fort Wayne, Indiana
      BUDGET: $2 Million
      CLIENT CONTACT: Fort Wayne
      PROJECT MANAGER: Kevin McCrory

The City of Fort Wayne jump-started its downtown redevelopment by initiating Harrison Square, a mixed-use urban redevelopment project. For a downtown that had only seen $2 million of private development in the past decade, this public/private partnership brought nearly $150 million in investments to the mega-block development. The centerpiece of the redevelopment project was a new stadium for the Fort Wayne TinCaps, a Single-A baseball team. Surrounding the stadium are residential condominiums, retail shops, a luxury hotel, a city park, and parking garage, all bounded by newly designed streetscapes and two pedestrian plazas. Traditional style architecture and site design is felt throughout the project, while the sunken field and raised perimeter concourse provide 360-degree views of the playing field. The plazas were designed to handle the large amounts of pedestrian traffic generated during games. The stage in the public park facilitates special events and performances in addition to providing seating during baseball games.

The Harrison Square project marked a key point in the history of development in Downtown Fort Wayne. Such an expansive mixed-use development provided the necessary step for encouraging more healthy and family oriented downtown activities. JPR's role as landscape architect allowed numerous spaces and structures to be bound together as one, through well planned circulation, high quality design, and a focus on the pedestrian experience. This was done through the designs of all surrounding streetscapes, the entry plazas to the baseball stadium and the public park (Robert E. Meyers Park) located within the stadium.