LOCATION: Elkhart, Indiana
      BUDGET: $1.5 Million
      PROJECT MANAGER: Kenneth Jones

Since 1999 JPR has been contracted with a major developer to assist with zoning and master planning of this 1,400-acre mixed-use business park surrounding the Elkhart-East I/80-90 interchange at Exit 96. The project's degree of local significance is so high, that at one point private and public officials were considering forming a new municipality in the location.

Planned uses include manufacturing, professional offices, hotel, retail, food service and residential. Significant attention was given to the details related to transition and interplay between the planned land use categories and existing adjoining uses.

The development standards created for the project explored new ground locally and triggered the creation of new land use classifications in the County’s zoning ordinance. The firm also prepared detailed utility system master plans, traffic impact studies, phasing plans, and funding framework documents. We were integral in facilitating partnering agreements with local entities such as Elkhart County and the City of Elkhart.

Since then, we have provided detailed Professional services for each development area which will be further subdivided into several phases. The project’s master plan includes innovative plans for storm water management, pedestrian bikeways, lighting, and landscaping. Our services have included every department and discipline the firm offers, and inter-department coordination has been key to our effectiveness and efficiency.

The overall development is divided into 7 areas (A through G) and to date construction and development has continued on a steady basis within the various sub-phases of these areas.