LOCATION: Decatur, Indiana
      BUDGET: $25,000
      CLIENT CONTACT: John Schultz, Mayor
      PROJECT MANAGER: Chris Chockley, RLA, LEED AP

The City of Decatur commissioned JPR, to provide planning services to assist them in the development of their 5-Year Parks Master Plan, per Indiana Department of Natural Resources (INDNR) guidelines, to not only put them in a position to receive future grant funding but to also give them a roadmap for current and future park and recreation planning.

The City has a population of approximately 9,500 and is comprised of almost 3,600 acres. There are 10 city-owned park properties totaling just less than 72 acres. The City wanted to create a user friendly master plan that provides a clear set of goals, policies, standards, and objectives. Wightman Petrie, a professional, experienced management consulting firm which has provided Parks and Recreation Long Range, Comprehensive, and Master Plans and related services for several communities is working with the the Parks and Recreation Department and a steering committee to develop this plan. In addition to meeting the requirement set forth by INDNR JPR is also incorporating the use of Geographical Information System (GIS) technology to conduct the inventory mapping, develop an understanding the of existing and projected Level of Service, and to produce georeferenced parks mapping.