LOCATION: South Bend, Indiana
      BUDGET: $3.5 Million
      CLIENT CONTACT: City of South Bend
      Parks & Recreation Department
      PROJECT MANAGER: Chris Chockley

JPR is working with the City of South Bend Parks and Recreation Department to design a significant renovation for the Charles Black Community Center. This effort is a direct result of the City of South Bend 5-Year Park Master Plan process that identified a need for additional recreational and programming space to serve the residents of the City.

JPR is utilizing the available in-house consulting services during all aspects of the design and construction process. The existing facility is in need of significant renovations.

JPR met with the public as well as staff to identify what amenities are needed in the new remodeled facility. Through this process it was identified that a new gymnasium, locker rooms, new rest rooms, larger kitchen, and more storage were needed. The concept that JPR proposed met all these requests. In addition it was designed to meet the proposed budget.

Schematic Design and Programming services have been provided with full development of construction documents to follow.