LOCATION: Bristol, Indiana
      BUDGET: $1.5 Million
      PROJECT MANAGER: Kenneth Jones Jr.

JPR has been involved in this multi-staged industrial development since the early 2000's. This consists of two separate but related projects that have been going on in and around the Town of Bristol, Indiana for quite some time.

First, JPR was retained by a private developer to secure all technical and land use related approvals for a heavy industrial area known as Earthway Rail Park. This 600+ acre development lies as the name suggests directly adjacent to an active rail like on the southwest side of the Town. The project involves many public-private partnerships, and has resulted in the extension of municipally owned water and sewer infrastructure, as well as a new public street. These extensions will continue as development continues.

Second, the Town has long been seeking ways to re-direct heavy traffic coming off the Indiana Toll Road from its downtown area out toward the south and west industrial areas of Town. Working closely with Town, INDOT, and County officials, JPR was able to come up with a financially feasible multi-phased approach that after 3 years of planning, began construction in 2013.

In the ensuing years, additional phases will be constructed and eventually the Town of Bristol will be providing simple and vital transportation access to existing and new industrial operations that is nearly unmatched in the greater Northern Indiana region.