LOCATION: Bremen, Indiana
      BUDGET: $3.8 Million
      CLIENT CONTACT: Alex Mikel
      PROJECT MANAGER: Chirag Patel, PE
      and Chad Robbins

The Town of Bremen engaged JPR to oversee and manage, as well as provide construction inspection services for construction of this 1 MGD gravity filtration plant. This newly constructed facility serves as the Town’s second active filtration plant, which was much needed due to high water demand by the industries located in Town. Upon completion of the project, this 4-cell gravity filtration unit became the single largest gravity filter unit build by Tonka in the United States. Another unique feature about this particular filtration plant is that it allows the Town to continue production of water at rated capacity, even during filter cell maintenance work or during a backwash cycle. Given the high water demand this ability to continuously function was necessary.

To generalize, the project features included construction of a new service well, building to house the filter unit, backwash detention tank, lab, chemical room, complete overhaul of the Town’s telemetry network allowing the two filtration plants to be operated remotely, etc.

The project was completed below the original bid amount while several additional features were even added to the project. The filtration plant was commissioned in early 2016.